Saturday, December 25, 2010

Another husband blog...

Much like The Sleep Talking Man, my fiance Jared (who will be my husband in just a few short months) says funny things in his sleep. But sometimes (actually, more like daily) I am graced with the most random-ass sayings and quips and insults that aren't said in his sleep. Some of these things are downright jaw-dropping and offensive, and other times they are aimed at me and make me say "Wow, I'm so lucky!" Purely sarcastically, of course. But for the most part, he makes me laugh like no one else, and he doesn't even try. Because he's just being himself.

When he talks in his sleep, I try to engage him. I try to keep the conversation going to see what he will say. I've never been able to record it so I can have audio proof (but a girl can hope!) but I would always post them on his Facebook wall so he can wake up in the morning and see the results of his beauty rest.

Then it became posts about what he says to me when he isn't sleeping. Some of them I think even the people at Family Guy would find offensive. Those aren't really Facebook friendly (hey, we've got family on there). But for the most part, they are enough to generate comments like "Wow, you should start a blog" because some things he says are really unbelievable.

I have no idea if this will generate even a little bit of traffic, but if I can entertain someone, then I've done my job. So enjoy the crap Jared says. And consider yourself lucky he's not yours.


  1. I just read your whole blog, and i LOVED it...It kinda reminded me of a book i read called Shit My Dad Says. Your hubby isn't as crazy as that guy but i'd say he's close! lol. And you're right, I am lucky he's not mine...He says some out there things and i just don't have the confidence for all that! Lol Keep blogging!

  2. Love, love, love your blog!! I just read it in it's entirety! As the above commenter said-- It's very much like "Shit My Dad Says" that used to be posted on Twitter before it became a sitcom.

    Hey! Maybe that will happen with you! Cool! I'd definitely watch it!

    Does Jared have an older brother or even a Dad who's like him? I'd love to laugh at this stuff every day, too!

    I'll be following you! :)

  3. Thanks! :)I appreciate it. Share the blog if you really like it! Spread the word! He doesn't have a brother but he does have friends who are just as random. I try to share when I can!

  4. I've already shared the blogs to many friends. They'll spread the word, too!

    I'm posting it on my Facebook page, too! :)

  5. This blog is so baller. Love it.