Saturday, December 25, 2010

No, really, I do think you're pretty. Honest!

Our dog Sheila is a bit of a handful. She's still learning, and sometimes we lose patience with her. But above all, we (I) love her and try to encourage her.

Today is Christmas, and we have no plans to spend it with anyone else. Plus, Jared has been sick (read: a big baby) so we decided not to go anywhere. We did want some breakfast, so we were leaving to go to Waffle House. I was putting Sheila in her cage (since she can no longer be trusted out of it...she ate Christmas last week). Here's the conversation:

Me to Sheila: get in your cage. Good girl, Sheila.
Jared: who are you talking to?
Me: the dog
Jared: but "good" and "Sheila" don't go together. Much like "Mehgan" and "diet".
Me: ....
Jared: what? It's not meant to be an insult!

Then he went on to say how he does think I'm attractive, I don't need to diet, etc.

Foot. Meet mouth.

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