Monday, January 3, 2011

End of the world movies

One time i made the mistake of telling Jared that I had a couple of "firsts" during two movies...Independence Day and Mars Attacks. No, I didn't lose my virginity in movie theaters. God. I don't really know how to write this blog post without sounding so slutty. (To which Jared just said "You should go back in time to tell Past Mehgan not to be so slutty. But you weren't slutty. You just weren't picky). Ok, anyway, I had boyfriends and I started too young, ok? Ok.

Jared makes jokes about end-of-the-world movies with me all the time. "Hey, can we watch Armageddon? I feel the need for a release." Jerk. I told him he's not allowed to make those jokes for 6 weeks because I was tired of the frequency of them. So he complied.

He's sitting here watching movie trailers and he saw an EOTW movie. He said "Oh, an end of hte world movie! Wait, no, I can't make the joke. Nevermind. Maybe I should write it down. 'Dear Mehgan, open in six weeks.' I'll just put it in my death folder so that when I die, you can have copies of all the jokes I wanted to make about end of the world movies while I was alive but couldn't.'"


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