Sunday, January 2, 2011

My nickname

People often wonder why Jared calls me "Big Pig." The truth is, I LOVE that nickname and it makes my heart glad whenever he calls me that. Mostly b/c it's the first time he really expressed that he loved me, and he didn't even realize he did it.

What do I mean? Read on.

One night, after we'd been dating just a couple months, he was sleeping at my house. He sleep talks quite often, but I didn't know that yet. Well, I was up late one night reading, and he rolled over, slapped my ass as hard as he could, and then this happened:

Jared: I love you, big pig.
Me: what?
Jared: I love you, big big.
Me: are you even awake?
Jared: yea! See? *loud fart*
I was immediately appalled and thought "Does he really think I'm a fat ass?" And then my brain went to "Wow, he loves me???" I asked him about it the next day and he doesn't, and still doesn't to this day, remember. But the nickname stuck and I love it so much.

It may seem like he's verbally abusive, just from what I've posted about him so far, but honestly, he's so ri-fricken-diculously in love with me that it's crazy sometimes. So yeah, he's not mean. Just goofy. And I don't mind. :)

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