Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Burden of the Wedding Ring

We got married today (well,'s technically "the day after" but I'm still up reliving the moment!). Jared is still getting used to his wedding ring, which of course is worn on his left hand. He's a lefty, remember?  Well, he was analyzing his "activities" with his ring today, including tapping it on his beer bottle as a sign of applause, punching bitches, opening beer bottles, lifting the boxes at work, and,'ll see.

Jared: You know the only thing I think I won't like with this ring? Jerking off. It's gonna get in the way. It's gonna feel weird with a ring touching my dick.

My response?
Me: Go get me the computer so I can update the blog, please.

I'm a lucky bride.


  1. As a lefty myself with a wedding ring, the problem will go from being " crap, my ring gets in the way" to "crap, i feel naked without it" as your naked, jerking before work to ease some tension with the wife gone and you took it off so you don't get hair gel under it and your hand would feel slimy all day. True story!!

  2. ^^^^ I have ti ask. Why hair gel?