Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jared the gamer

Jared got a new computer game tonight called "Civilizations" or some such crap. Here are some random lines that he's spouted off throughout playing the game.

"I think I just declared war on a whale."
"I created the alphabet and want to trade it with someone for their mathematics. They said that wasn't enough. Yeah, good luck trying to do complex math without that X."
"Napolean Bonaparte is declaring war against me? Bring it on, you fucking midget."
"Is it sad that Ghengis Khan is my only ally?"
"How the fuck did someone else create Christianity? I'm not even finished creating Judaism just yet!! I guess Jesus really wasn't a Jew."

Such is the life of the wife of a gamer.


  1. Hahahahaha!! Toooo funny! :)

  2. I have no idea what game this is but the commentary is hilarious. I want to invent Christianity!

    Or something.

  3. Ima have my wife read this. That way she can appreciate I am not a gamer. NZ