Monday, March 7, 2011

Artistic Ability.

In planning for our wedding, I somehow thought it a good idea to DIY (or "do it yourself" for non-message-board-fanatics) a bunch of things. I've also decided to do little projects that are ridiculously easy (or so they look). But I've found that I have no artistic ability whatsoever. I turned to Jared for support, and ever the encouraging husband (to be), he had a suggestion for me.

Me: I've always thought that every person in the world had even a little artistic ability, some sort of little talent. But I've found that I have none whatsoever.
Jared: Maybe you can fart music.
Me: I've never considered it.
Jared: Maybe you can fart pitch-perfect showtunes.
Me: I've never tried it.
Jared: Maybe you should look into it.

Pending. Or not. Girls don't fart.

1 comment:

  1. Girls don't fart. Girls go "pffffff".

    Maybe you "pffffff" really well? Maybe you "pffffff" in colour?

    I wish you all the best of luck in discovering your creative talent.