Thursday, July 28, 2011

69 and 31

Me: I taught a girl at work how to make change tonight. I showed her that every number out of a 100 has a pair to make 100. So like 54 pairs with 46, 98 pairs with 2, 31 pairs with 69, etc.
Jared: Now I know what I'm gonna get you for your birthday in 2 years. When you turn 31, I'm gonna say that "hey, you know what 31 pairs with? That's right."
Me: And you're gonna make me 69 for the entire year I'm 31?
Jared: No, actually I was gonna just say that night only but i like the way you think. And then when I turn 31, oh yeah!

These are birthday presents to look forward to, according to my husband.

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