Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jungle gyms

Jared: I always dated girls my height or taller. My record was 6'2" [jared is 5'4"].
Me: how'd that work out?
Jared: it was fun. It was like climbing a jungle gym
Me: what the hell did she see in you?
Jared: I'm the funny guy. Most girls want a funny guy. They just dont want him for long. I was ok with that. I didn't need them for long either. But I was easy to get rid of. Unlike hemrhoids, you can't just rub a cream on me and I'll go away.

Then later:
Jared: how many girls say they want a funny guy? They all say "I'm looking for a guy who's cute, funny and smart". I'm not handsome...I'm cute. But I'm funny first.

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